Mobile Web Engineer

Company Name:
The Centrics Group
A highly profitable company in Concord is looking for smart, enthusiastic web developers to take our industry-leading mobile and tablet sites to the next level. The company will move its office to Cambridge later this year.
This team is building the compelling user experiences that keep our mobile products a step ahead of the competition.
Basic Qualifications
Our developers are top-notch, and that's precisely the sort of person we're looking for: 5+ years experience developing real world web applications; a degree in computer science, or something approximating that; a portfolio of complex sites you've worked on; and the ability to speak competently about contemporary web technologies.
Technical skills
Mastery of JavaScript
Rock solid understanding of modern CSS & HTML
Knowledge of performance considerations, especially with respect to mobile web browsers
Ability to debug issues in a full-stack environment
Familiarity with AngularJS or similar JS framework is a big plus

Don't Be Fooled

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